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The Wellness Collection - Essential Oil Rollers
The Wellness Collection - Essential Oil Rollers
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The Wellness Collection - Essential Oil Rollers

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If you are familiar with essential oils or use them often, odds are you have either bought or made your own essential oil blends in a roll-on bottle. Roll-on bottles are meant to make the topical application of essential oils easier. Why? Because the oils are already diluted with a carrier oil, and all you have to do is rub the rollerball along your skin. No mess, and no need to carry around more than just a bottle or two! Plus, by using roll-on essential oils, you can feel comfortable with your family using essential oils, knowing that the blends are safely diluted to your family’s need.

Size 10ml Roller filled with essential oils and grapeseed carrier oil.

Ease The Pain - Reliefs aches n pains & headaches.  Add roller to area of concern and bottom of feet, if desired use with cold/hot pad to sooth the pain.

Headspace - Reliefs headaches, tension, & migraines.  Add roller to temples, back of neck, behind ears and forehead to relieve tension. Do not get oils into eye.  

Chill-Lax (stress reliever) -Find your center and quiet the mind with this blend of zen! Add roller to wrist and pulse points.

Stay Well/Immunity Fighter - Helps support the immune system. Add roller to spine bottom of feet and wrist.  

Flu Bomb - Combines national germ-fighting essential oils to help support your body's natural immune response and relieves flu like symptoms. 

Just Breathe - Helps with Allergies • Asthma • Congestion • Sinus Issues.  Apply roller to spine, chest, bottom of feet, and wrist.

Divine Monthly - Helps relief monthly cramps.  Apply roller to abdomen and use a heating pad to soothe craps.  Roller on back of neck and bottom of feet. 

Stomach Ease - Helps soothe upset stomach and healthy GI tract. Apply roller to abdomen, bottom of feet and wrist. 

Bug Relief - Relief itching, inflammation and pain from bug bite.  Apply to area of concern, if desired use a cold pad to soothe. 

Blood Sugar Stabilizer (Diabetes) - May help regulate blood sugar levels.  Apply along spine, wrist, and bottom of feet. 

Focus Man (help keep focus, great for ADD/ADHD) - Paying attention and staying on task is an important part of effective study. Apply to temples and back of neck to stay focus or apply to wrists or back of hands and inhale deeply. 

Keep essential oils away from eye area

* Due to the handmade nature of my products, no two are identical.  Please allow for variations in color as compared to product listing photos and/or previous orders. 

**Sensitive Patch Test - Always test products prior to use to check for allergies. Best way to do this is to find a bare spot on your forearm or leg and apply a small amount to the desired area. Give it a few hours and if no reaction occurs, you can enjoy.  If irritation occurs discontinue usage and consult a doctor or dermatologist before continuing to use this product

***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition and are taking any medication or undergoing any type of medical treatment you should check with your health care provider before use. Always check with your doctor before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding!